10 Pound Slimdown

For all those readers in the Comcast Cable Area, Exercise TV is offering a new set of workouts from April 6th to June 28th.

"The 10 Pound Slimdown Workout system will help you lose those last unwanted 10 pounds in just 8 weeks! Join trainer, Chris Freytag, on ExerciseTV this month as she premieres her 5 new workouts that are designed to burn maximum calories, use maximum muscle and give you maximum results.  If you stick with the program, at the end of 8 weeks your body will be sculpted and lean!  These workouts are available exclusively on ExerciseTV on demand for FREE!!"

The workouts include:
10 Pound Slimdown: UPPER BODY
10 Pound Slimdown: LOWER BODY
10 Pound Slimdown: CORE
10 Pound Slimdown: TOTAL BODY BLAST
10 Pound Slimdown: YOGA

I have a 30 Day Plan for the Slimdown that I will be doing starting on April 6th. 

Feel free to join me and those that do might get something fun at the end!

Email me if you want to join!
  Check out the website if you want the workout plan/meal plan or any other info!