Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Decorations

This Fall I decided we needed some new decorations around the house and I wanted something a little more adult (even with 2 little ones!). So as you do, I headed to Pinterest  and create a Halloween and Fall holiday boards.

Here are a few of our additions.

This little guy is sitting on our front porch for the Fall Holidays (aka until Christmas lights go up). I got this carveable pumpkin at Jo Ann's and printed my  "R" off the computer. I cut out the letter to make a stencil and then traced it on the pumpkin. A little silver paint and some outline in silver glitter (borrowed from Miss E's art supplies) and this little guy was done in about 30 minutes (includes dry time.)

Next was on to a burlap banner
I followed the information I found here and just left off the black dots. I liked mine without them.

Finally I decided to do a Fall leaf garland as well. I found a leaf clip art that I liked and then just cut out my leaves. I tried to keep one edge all the burlap edge at all times. Then I just used some Fall paint colors around the edges to finish it off and attached it to a piece of burlap string.

What have you been working on this fall?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Old Factory Candles Gift Set Review

The wonderful people at Old Factory Candles asked me to try out their candles from Amazon. Here is some information about the candles:

  • Made in the USA with natural soy wax and self-trimming cotton candle wicks.
  • Each gift pack comes with 3 fragrance-themed candles. Each of which burns clean for over 20 hours. The subtle jar design makes it the perfect complement for any decor, and any room of the house - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, family room, great room, basement.

Here is the list of fragrance sets:
Fall Harvest
Pumpkin Spice
Autumn Leaves
Happy Holidays 
Christmas Tree
Candy Cane
Winter Wonderland 
Hot Cocoa
Roasted Chestnut
First Snow
Rose Petals
Dark Chocolate
Fresh & Clean 
Olive Blossom
Fresh Linen
Spa Day 
Green Tea
Sea Breeze
Hawaiian Lei
Coffee Shop 
Coffee Bean
Chai Tea
Man Cave 
Straight Razor
High as a Kite 
Bag O' Cookies
New Born Baby 
Baby Powder
Baby Shampoo
First Blanket
50 Shades 
Vanilla Sex
Jasmine Bubbles

Being the holiday lover I am, I chose to try out the Happy Holidays Gift set. It arrived gift wrapped to my front door, very quickly. 

Here is the candles box and the candles themselves:

Right out of the boxes, these smell amazing! I love the strong but not overpowering scents of these candles and the all natural soy wax. I will have to say my current favorite is the Candy Cane scent, but I still have a lot to go of these little babies. I would highly recommend them as a great holiday gift. Maybe even a teacher gift (more on those coming up!)

** I was not compensated for this post, all thoughts are my own. I was scent the candles shown to try for this review. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Eclectic Mama Boutique

With a crazy teething baby since May, I have been looking for any teething products we can find to help her push those babies through. (First one finally made an appearance in October!) I found Jessica's shop Eclectic Mama Boutique this summer and she was nice enough to send me this beautiful teething necklace.

I love that Jessica has such a variety of necklaces to choice from as well as holiday and seasonal pieces. I love anyone that also loves and celebrates the changes in the year:)

Eclectic Mama Boutique send us a necklace to try, and how cute is her packaging

Perfect for gift giving.

Here is the necklace on its own:

And here is it in action!

Showing it off
Action shot!
This necklace has been a great for us lately. As our first 2 teeth have come in (with more quickly behind them) this has been a life saver for my hands and other necklaces. Also I love that it looks cute enough to wear any time.

Thanks to Jessica at Eclectic Mama Boutique for a great and useful product.

**No compensation was received for this post, all options are my own.

Monday, November 3, 2014

My Darling Boutique Shoes

I found the AMAZING Jamie at My Darling Boutique from another store I follow on FB and Instagram recently and wanted to try a pair of her shoes for Little B. With the cold weather coming I like to have something on her feet and she pulls off all her socks at this point still. When I saw Jamie shoe's I knew I had to have a pair.

I reached out to her to check about sizes (how awesome that she does it in inches!). She told me to add half an inch to have room for growth. With a 4" foot that meant Little B was a large size (made sense she was almost 8 months at the time). Before checking with Jamie about the size, I checked the shipping on the site.

Side note - I hate finding something that I love for a great price to only find out it will cost me about the same amount to ship the item.

When the shipping cost came up I almost feel off my chair. ONLY $1.20 to ship a pair of shoes! Best part when I added more it only went up to $1.70! A momma after my own heart with affordable shipping! I was so thrilled I emailed Jamie right away to tell her how amazing she was and that I appreciated how reasonable everything was. (She then offered to send me our first pair of shoes free!)

To start how cute are these!

Jamie let me pick any fabric I wanted and I thought these are perfect because they go with almost everything we own in Little B's closet. The best part about these shoes is how well they stay on. Living in the Northeast in the Fall/Winter I do worry about keeping Little B warm so My Darling Boutique shoes are the perfect way to keep B warm. Also she loves wearing them:

Please check out My Darling Boutique and Jamie, she is wonderful to work with and I thank her for our shoes. 

*** I was not compensated for this post, I was send the shoes to review for the blog. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Yaya and Kiki Homemade Headbands

A few weeks ago I received a follow on Instagram from Yaya and Kiki and thought I would check them out. Once I found the Etsy Shop, I knew I was in love. They make the most adorable headbands for little girls. As soon as I reached out to Christine the owner, I knew I would love her products. She asked all about the girls and what colors they liked.

I was so surprised to see not 1, but 2 headbands and a matching headband and clip set in the package!

I have to add that Little Miss loved the packaging. She thought it was flowers in the bags. We had to take each one out to view them. 

This is Little Miss's favorite thanks to the bling!

The purple (a household favorite)

The sister set (my personal fav!)
These headbands are all very well made and absolutely beautiful in the design. I also love that   Yaya and Kiki have felt on the back of the flower on the headbands and the clip is covered as well. This makes it so much easier to have the girls wear them. It is this type of attention to detail that I think allows Yaya and Kiki to stand out!

Here is the back of one of the headbands

This is a bad picture I know, but can you see how Yaya and Kiki line the clips?

Here is Miss E's favorite in action the day after it came!

I would highly recommend checking out  Yaya and Kiki on instagram or the Etsy Shop

*** I was not compensated for this post, all opinions are my own, but the AMAZING Christine did send me the items above to try.