Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Philadelphia Soul Phitness Expo

I wanted to take the time to share this fun event with all my local friends

You can get your tickets here:

Tickets also include admission to the Philadelphia Soul's game that night!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent Pods

I love the easy use of laundry pods, but have you noticed the over whelming scents of some of them? We have a huge issue with scents and dyes in our house, so we need to use only Free and Clear detergent products. So when Seventh Generation came out with laundry pods, I was all in to try them.

Here is some info about them:

Seventh Generation biobased Laundry Packs use quadruple-enzyme power to remove stains and leave your clothes looking as good as new! Plus, the toss-and-wash single-dose pods make laundry day simple and mess-free.

A clean you can trust! EPA Safer Choice certification means that every ingredient in our laundry packs has been reviewed by the EPA to ensure it meets their stringent human health & environmental criteria. You can relax, knowing that you have made a good choice.

The Free & Clear option, without any added fragrances, is made for sensitive skin.

- Quadruple-Enzyme Formula Removes Tough Stains

- EPA Safer Choice Certified Product

- USDA Certified Biobased Product - 94%

- All-temperature laundry packs work in hot and cold water.

- Effective in HE & standard washers.

- 0% dyes, synthetic fragrances, and artificial brighteners.

You have to check out your store for these pods, they are great.

** I received 2 sample packs to try for free, but all opinions are my own.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Basement Renovation

When we bought our house a few years back, we knew it needed a few things done. Mostly all cosmetic changes and nothing too big....well except the basement....

Yup that was the basement, a giant unfinished space. When we first moved in, we turned the office right off the kitchen into the girls playroom. It was perfect, they were close, but it had doors to close off the mess. It worked, but we always knew we wanted the office back, one day. We decided 2018 would be the year of the basement renovation. It took us a few weeks and a few trips to the Town office, but the plans were all approved and permits issued!

Next was a huge delivery from Lowe's

Yes that is a forklift at my house and that is only 1/4 of the wood pile....

Next the first wall went up...

And less then a month later....we had all the walls up.

More to come on this one......

Friday, February 23, 2018

Hello, Hello Fresh

I was sent a coupon code from a friend to try Hello Fresh (PS this link has a discount code too!) and I figured why not. We had been in a little bit of a food rut so why not. I went with the Classic Plan for Two because the meals looked better to us anyway and was excited to pick our first meals.

Veggie Loaded Orzo with Sausage was up first, ingredients laid out

First of all, I love that is comes all in a bag together so you just grab it and go. The meals are shown in about 6 steps so they move pretty fast and you are ready to eat in no time.

Plated and ready to eat (this meal feed Hubby and I dinner and me for lunch the next day)

Next up was Orange and Cashew Chicken Stir Fry, I got my little helper involved in cooking this one.

She loved being able to help me make dinner and even ate this one as well

This was my favorite meal the flavors were on point and so fun.

Finally we had Steak Tagliata, my helper again

The kids ate the arugula salad and sweet potatoes with this one (they are not steak fans...yet....)

Hubby loved the sweet potatoes from this recipe, so easy to do, and it was a nice change of pace for us and the kids.

We have decided to try another week of Hello Fresh because it gave us some fun ideas and was a great experience for the whole family. Any meal suggestions we should try?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Living Room Reno

This will be the year of projects in our house. We have a HUGE project coming up, but wanted to start with a smaller one, mainly to get a bunch of the stuff out of the basement.

This post will be very picture heavy, but we decided to put the built in bar in the living room before we did the basement reno to get a bunch of stuff out of the basement.

Here's goes....we started with prepping the wall, moving an air vent and adding a recess lighting.

Then it was time to paint
And put the beverage centers in place (my favorite part!)

Lower Cabinets in place

Counter top finished and installed and upper cabinets in place

And finally here it is!

I am so happy with who this came out. On to project #2!