Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Have you tried acupressure?

Has any one tried acupressure before? I have been a big fan of all things Eastern Medicine wise since acupuncture changed my life a few years ago. My only problem was that it takes weeks to get an appointment with my girl April, I will only go to her, she is the best.

 So I was quite excited when I was contact to try an acupressure mat by the people at Dosha Mat. They make these great acupressure mat that come in lavender and teal ( I mean what great colors as well!) Here are some of the benefits of using an acupressure mat according to the Dosha Mat website

Studies have shown that acupressure mats can have incredible health effects, including the following:

1. Reduction of pain and soreness
2. Deep calm and relaxation
3. Reduction of stress and anxiety
4. Improved sleep
5. Weight-loss
6. Increased circulation
7. Rejuvenation of the skin
8. Improved digestion
9. Increased energy levels
10. Reduction of cellulite
11. Alleviates arthritis
12. Alleviates fibromyalgia
13. Aids myofascial pain syndrome
14. Alleviates sciatica pain
15. Faster recovery after workouts
16. Lower cortisol levels

I was told to start off slow with my new acupressure mat, because it takes time to get use to using one. So I am starting out easy and using it on the couch, but seriously how pretty is this!

I will update more in about a week or so once I have had the chance to use it!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Reasons to love Aaptiv

Scale and Freshness: More than 2,500 classes are available on the platform. There are 20 active trainers who create new classes each week. More than 50 classes are added to the Aaptiv platform every week. Each class is individually produced in a professional recording space, with state-of-the-art sound mixing technology powered by a talented sound engineering team.
Affordability: For $14.99 a month or $99.99 for the year, members get unlimited, on-demand access to classes in running, cycling, elliptical, strength training, stair climbing, and more. Access to exceptional personal training has never been easier, coming at a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer, purchasing expensive equipment, or being confined to one fitness location.

Convenience: Wherever individuals prefer to work out -- at the gym, at home, on the road for business -- Aaptiv goes along with its members. This factor has helped Aaptiv scale much more quickly than services that are confined to particular equipment or studio locations. Aaptiv classes can be taken anywhere, at any time.

Empathy: Most fitness solutions expect people to change their programs and routines. Aaptiv lets people choose the workout types and locations they prefer, and “meets” each member on their own fitness journey. Trainers conceive of and produce workout classes that suit the needs of people at every stage of fitness: novice, beginner, intermediate, or advanced. A Facebook community of more than 22,000 devoted Aaptiv members interact regularly with trainers to learn about how they can get even more out of their workouts.

Differentiators: Aaptiv is the only fitness company that focuses exclusively on audio content. Audio as a means is also underappreciated. It’s the most natural fashion for consuming content because it’s how people already communicate. The success of the medium is reflected in the growth of Audible, podcasts, and products like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Now, and Siri. Aaptiv’s all-you-can-eat model provides accessibility that has never existed in fitness before.

You should check it out here! 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Aaptiv On Sale this Summer

I wanted to re-share information about a great workout program I have found. If you are busy like me and joining a gym is just not something that will work in your schedule you need to check out Aaptiv

The app has TONS of workout that are geared towards anything that you might like. There is music and a trainer to help you stay motivated the whole time and really push you to do more. I have really found this to be a great app to help me fitting in those workouts in the summer time. Check it out for free for 30 days, and for the summer they are also running a 30% of sale after that!

Let me know what you think:)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Philadelphia Soul Phitness Expo

I wanted to take the time to share this fun event with all my local friends

You can get your tickets here:

Tickets also include admission to the Philadelphia Soul's game that night!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent Pods

I love the easy use of laundry pods, but have you noticed the over whelming scents of some of them? We have a huge issue with scents and dyes in our house, so we need to use only Free and Clear detergent products. So when Seventh Generation came out with laundry pods, I was all in to try them.

Here is some info about them:

Seventh Generation biobased Laundry Packs use quadruple-enzyme power to remove stains and leave your clothes looking as good as new! Plus, the toss-and-wash single-dose pods make laundry day simple and mess-free.

A clean you can trust! EPA Safer Choice certification means that every ingredient in our laundry packs has been reviewed by the EPA to ensure it meets their stringent human health & environmental criteria. You can relax, knowing that you have made a good choice.

The Free & Clear option, without any added fragrances, is made for sensitive skin.

- Quadruple-Enzyme Formula Removes Tough Stains

- EPA Safer Choice Certified Product

- USDA Certified Biobased Product - 94%

- All-temperature laundry packs work in hot and cold water.

- Effective in HE & standard washers.

- 0% dyes, synthetic fragrances, and artificial brighteners.

You have to check out your store for these pods, they are great.

** I received 2 sample packs to try for free, but all opinions are my own.