Monday, February 23, 2015

Mommy Wars....some thoughts

So I am sure by now that everyone has seen the Similac video. But I had to share it again because I love it. I think everyone can relate to this in some way. I see myself in a couple groups because I am a full time working mom who pumped, but used a bottle and formula so that hubby could help with the girls as well. Little B also breastfeed (I was so excited since Miss E would never latch!) for several months. I am also the mom who took both pre-natal and mom and baby yoga classes with both girls and made all my own baby food.

I will say I still feel judged by SAHM's all the time, but I am getting over it, especially when I see how well my girls are doing. Miss E loves school and can write her own name, knows all her letters and can sound out what most words start with. Also she is one of the most talkative and social 3 year olds I know, even of all the kids in her class.

As for Little B, she is so active at school that she gets bored with just us on the weekend, so I could not imagine her home with no one to play with everyday. For my kids, daycare just seems to fit their personalities and need to be extremely social. But I am not saying that is right for all families and children. 

I work because I want to not because our family needs me to as some people have implied to me. Saying things like " I am so sorry you have to work." My answer is always "I enjoy all the extra things my children can do because I have a job I love." FYI to all the judgey people, some of us love our kids and our jobs. We all do what is best for us and our families and that is all different.

Ok rant over, just needed a little soapbox time, but seriously watch the video if you have not, it is AWESOME!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Birthday Tutu

We are approaching Little B's 1st birthday in a few days (when did that happen!) and I wanted to make her something fun for her big day. Side note, both my girls are born on Saturdays so we had the chance to have each of their 1st Birthdays on their actual birthdays.

I decided that I would make Little B a tutu skirt to wear for her party. Off to Jo-Ann's I went coupon in hand, and looked at the tulle section, when this jumped out at me:

It was a little stiffer then I was looking for, but I love the print, so 1 yard into my chart and some elastic and home I went. As you can see I cut the fabric into about 6 inch wide pieces. I put the elastic around Little B's waist then cut it a bit shorter and sewed the ends up. Then it was time to tie the fabric around the elastic and I was done. Here is her skirt all ready to party!

Super easy project, under $10 and less then 30 minutes of your time.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Decoration and Bows

I am just in love with the Burlap Wreath I made in the fall, but it was not cutting it anymore for the winter seasons. As Miss E and I were working on decorations for Valentine's Day I decided to make over the wreaths as well. So here is the new wreath

The bow is super easy to make. I bought some ribbon and floral wire and made one large ribbon loop

Tied it with floral wire, then made more smaller loops
I attached them all together and we had our bow. I then maybe another one for an upcoming Birthday we have and St. Patrick's Day as well. All together all 3 bows cost me less then $5!

Birthday Bow

St. Patrick's Bow

We also made this fun little decoration after seeing something on Pinterest just like it

Total cost less then $1!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Resolutions or Goals......

So let's talk a little bit about resolutions or goals in a new year as I like to think of them. I feel like writing them down makes me more accountable, and sharing them even more so!

So here we go (although a month let!)

- Clear out all the baby stuff and take it to the consignment shop (WHAT! Yup that is right we are out of the baby game and all this stuff is just taking up too much room, time to go!)
-Organize the basement (check on this one already) and clean out Little Miss's art projects (yeah not so much yet....)
-Put phone down between 4 and 8 pm and enjoy family time! Trying to get hubby in on this too
-Get back to regular exercise (was going well then this stupid cold came back again, hoping it is gone for good now)

Any great resolutions you made this year?

Thursday, January 29, 2015


The wonderful people at Influenster allowed us to be part of the #Rockthelunchbox campaign and tried some awesome products. We received coupons to try Annie's Homegrown products, Honest Kids Sips, Rudi's Organic Breads, and Applegate Half time lunch packs.

Here is what we picked up:

Little Miss is loving her Honest Kids Sips, once she figured out how to put the straw in (FYI, there is no hole just push it through the top). I love that they are so low in calories.

The Annie's Homegrown "grammies" are a big hit in our house. Although on the box they are purple and inside they look more blue, that was a bit of an issue at first....she she is picky about her colors, especially purple!

The  Rudi's Organic Breads have great flavor and have been a hit with the whole family. Was happy to use they had some non Gluten free varieties as well.

Our favorite product had to be the  Applegate Half time lunch packs. Little Miss picked the ham and cheese version and was so happy it came with grammies and yogurt (a personal fav of hers). I love this lunch pack and it was great on a busy night in our house, but I did find the price to be a little on the high side to buy normally.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.