Monday, October 27, 2014

Yaya and Kiki Homemade Headbands

A few weeks ago I received a follow on Instagram from Yaya and Kiki and thought I would check them out. Once I found the Etsy Shop, I knew I was in love. They make the most adorable headbands for little girls. As soon as I reached out to Christine the owner, I knew I would love her products. She asked all about the girls and what colors they liked.

I was so surprised to see not 1, but 2 headbands and a matching headband and clip set in the package!

I have to add that Little Miss loved the packaging. She thought it was flowers in the bags. We had to take each one out to view them. 

This is Little Miss's favorite thanks to the bling!

The purple (a household favorite)

The sister set (my personal fav!)
These headbands are all very well made and absolutely beautiful in the design. I also love that   Yaya and Kiki have felt on the back of the flower on the headbands and the clip is covered as well. This makes it so much easier to have the girls wear them. It is this type of attention to detail that I think allows Yaya and Kiki to stand out!

Here is the back of one of the headbands

This is a bad picture I know, but can you see how Yaya and Kiki line the clips?

Here is Miss E's favorite in action the day after it came!

I would highly recommend checking out  Yaya and Kiki on instagram or the Etsy Shop

*** I was not compensated for this post, all opinions are my own, but the AMAZING Christine did send me the items above to try. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Princess style

My 3 year old princess crazy little girl has decided her sister needs to also be a princess for Halloween. Because I refuse to pay $25 for a baby princess dress, I decide to check my Pinterest boards. I remembered pinning something about princess shirts and found it here. Miss E asked for her sister to be Cinderella so I used this tutorial as a guide. First thing I did was look for a shirt.

I was in H and M one day on my lunch hour and thought I would look around the baby section real quick, when I found this:
Three organic cotton long sleeve bodysuits for $12! How could I pass this up, and one in a light blue perfect for Cinderella:)

So on to the silk for the sleeves and skirt on the guide. While I was working on another project, I came across the silk from my mom and mother-in-law's wedding dresses I used to make ring pillows for our wedding. I decided this had to be used for the Cinderella costume. I cut out 6 pieces, 2 for the skirt and 4 for the sleeves.
Then it was time to sew. I started out my attaching a piece of lace like fabric ("borrowed" from my MIL that was left over from the dress she made for Miss E). I sewed that around the waistish area of the onesie and then added  the skirt puffs as seen here.

I did not want to cut off the sleeves (she will only be 8 months old) so I just did the same thing as the skirt puff around each sleeve and the shoulder seem.

Here is the finished product:

It came out very much how I saw it in my head so I was very happy with it. Add a little $1 headband from Jo Ann Fabric and Baby B is all set to go for Halloween!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Santa Barbara Bar Review

Recently I was contact by the people at Santa Barbara Bars to try out there products. Of course being a snack lover I said yes, and expected to get a few bars in the mail, however, I was so excited to see a huge box with three yummy flavors inside. Here is the information about the bars:

Santa Barbara Bar provides you with a delicious taste, wonderful chewing experience, and great nutritional benefits from super foods like cranberries, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Best of all, our bars are gluten free, provide a good source of protein and fiber, and contain no added soy protein or refined sugars.

They are an awesome size (think Clif Bar size) and the flavors are great. They come in Coconut Almond, Cranberry White Chocolate, and Peanut Chocolate Cherry. While I have enjoyed all the flavors the Peanut Chocolate Cherry the best. Anything peanut butter and chocolate is always a hit for me. I love that the bars look like real food and something I could make on my own. I might be weird about that but I love seeing all the pieces in the bars and not just a solid mixed up lump of something.

The bars are available around the country (find a location here) or order them online!

**No compensation was received for this post all thoughts are my own. I was sent a box of bars to try and review.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Burlap Fall Wreath

I try to use my lunch hours to the best of my ability, so after I saw this wreath on Pinterest, I knew it would be a lunch project.

To JoAnn's (coupons in hand) I went and bought my 12'' wire wreath and 20 feet of burlap. I set my desk up one day and got to work.

About 15 minutes later I had this!

I love the addition of the flowers (yes they still needed to be cut at this point, but I was so excited to see it done already I had to do this). When I got home I cut the flowers attached them (so they could be replaced and changed out) and put the wreath up.

Seriously for under $10 and 15 minutes this is a great product!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Flex Belt Review

I was recently contacted by Flex Belt to see if I wanted to try out there product. Normally I am not one to take the quick fix over diet and exercise, but as a busy working mom of two, I am up for a little bit of help. Here is the information that Flex Belt sent to me about how it works:

- The unique construction of the Flex Belt® features three pre-positioned, medical-grade Gel Pads, covering the central abdominals and external obliques.
- During your toning session, signals from the Flex Belt® reach out to nerves where they are most concentrated. 
- These nerves branch out to all of the stomach muscles causing them to contract and relax naturally, working all of the muscles at the same time, not just those directly under the gel pads.

So i decided to do some before and after pics for you all with my review. Here is the before 6 months post baby girl #2....

At first I did not think it was working, I guess I was stronger then I thought. But once I turned up the intensity, I really started to feel it. I tried it the first few times sitting down at work, then got more daring and would try it while I was doing things around the house. Boy can the Flex Belt help you kick up the sweat factor of any job!

Here are my after pictures about 3 weeks later.

Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but I really feel like my tummy looks smaller and that the mommy pouch is gone.

Side note I was also doing my normal exercise routine during this time, but I do feel that the Flex Belt really helped to get my abs back in shape. I am defiantly doing to keep using it.

**I was not compensated for this post, all opinions are my own and results are real. I was sent a Flex Belt to try for this review.