Wednesday, September 30, 2009

British Breakfast

I am feeling very British today. It is a little overcast and cloudy and I enjoyed a scone and early gray tea latte (aka a London fog) for breakfast. I thought this was the perfect little British breakfast. Guess it is a good thing the hubby is British. Makes me so excited for next summer's trip to England for a family wedding. We went this past Spring to England, but did not get to do the "touristy" stuff as the hubby calls it.

I am so excited to go see London with him. Yes I want to do all the tourist stuff that I am sure he will complain about since he saw it all growing up there, but when we stopped at Stonehenge this last trip he seemed to really appreciate it. So maybe it will be fun to see it again for him. I hope so I really think it could be a fun trip for us. We will see when it gets closer to planning it!

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