Friday, October 30, 2009

Crazy thursday and not really hungry yet today

So last night's dinner was not the best as far as healthy eating goes. But what can you do when the candy from the Department Halloween party is still at your evening meeting. It did make life a little tougher to not eat any. But I just had a little bit of the candy for dessert. The office had ordered chicken parm and Caesar salad for dinner so I had that as well. I had 2 big portions of the salad with no dressing or croutons. Lettuce and a little cheese, just perfect for me. I had some of the chicken parm as well. Good size piece of chicken for protein and just a little bit of the pasta. (Not what I had, just like to add pictures!)

Cleaned the house (which does count as exercise if you keep it moving) and did a 30 minute power walk. Still not able to be back to 100% intense exercise after the surgery, now 3 weeks old! But soon I will be back to normal workouts.

I am actually proud of myself for not feeling bad about what I ate yesterday. I have gotten a lot better with letting myself have these little "slip up" days, especially around the holidays. Bring on the rest of the year end holidays! I am such a holiday person.

Long night with work stuff tonight, so I got up early and worked out. Today was the Fit in Your Jeans by Friday Step Workout. I was actually sweating quite a bit by the end. I like working out in the mornings sometimes because then it is one less thing to fit into the day. But most weekdays I will be honest I just like to lay in my warm bed. I am sure the working out at night thing might need to change once we have kids......

So breakfast this morning was Frost Strawberry Mini Wheats with soy milk. The whole bowl is about 300 calories, which is a good morning start. And these little babies have so much fiber it normally takes me awhile to be hungry for lunch. With a cup of the weeks favorite drink green tea!

Lunch which I have not had yet, (because the Mini Wheats have really filled me up)will be a simple bowl of lettuce and raspberry dressing. Small lunch because tonight we will be going to a Mystery Dinner at Bistro Romano in the city ( It for me for work but the hubby will be joining and the menu looks yummy! Starts with a cocktail hour then here is what I think I will be having:

Homemade Minestrone Soup
120 Salad - Fresh baby greens and a medley of, tomato, cucumber, carrot, peppers, and dressing
Alaskan Salmon - Fresh salmon filet broiled to perfection and topped with a sauce of fresh herbs and Chardonnay wine
Creamy Philadelphia Cheesecake with Strawberry Drizzle

I am all set. Not sure I will eat all the salmon depends now big the piece is, but I do love to get my Omega 3's in!

That should take care of today! I think it is time to eat now. Happy All Hallow's Eve!

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