Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meet the Exercise helper

I think it is important the I mention there is a helper in my exercise routine. As the hubby and I call her, the yuppy goes for 2- 10 minute walks a day. So I am sure that 20 minutes a day does help increase my activity level.
I should explain why we call her yuppy. Since at 3 years old she is not a puppy we have stopped calling her a puppy, but since she still has energy like a puppy, the hubby and I refer to her as the yuppy. We should be surprised that she actually knows her own name, Ellie, at all. We call her all types of things, Bellie (from Baby Ellie as she was called by many when we got her), Buggie, and numerous other when we are mad at her! But we love our little girl and I love that she helps me get in some extra exercise!!

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