Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Errands

My Fall Spice Cheesecake came out great! I am so happy no crack when it went into the freezer! Here is the chocolate crumb crust:

And the finished product:

This will be served with Cool Whip on Thursday at the in-laws. Since I am kinda new to the food blog thing, I am going to try to remember to post and take pictures of what we eat this weekend, but no promises that I will get everything....

Well since Hubby and I where a little bored (and need to get a few things before we leave Tuesday) we decided to run some errands. First we went to the new British store I found. This is the point where it is probably important to tell you that Hubby was born in England and still has a few English foods that he loves better then American ones. So there are some things that we still have to go searching for. Wegmans has a good English food section but not all the things he loves. And I have to admit I am a fan of many of the foods. They are less processed then American food and you can taste the difference, especially with the chocolate! I LOVE English chocolates!

Here is the haul:
The small bags are all flavors of Crisps (potato chips), the can in the back is Twiglets, and the 2 boxes are assorted chocolates. Those will all be saved for the Christmas cart of goodies (more when we get closer to the holidays.) Not pictures are the 2 packs of pork bangers (1 for Christmas) and the Irish rasher (bacon-also for Christmas). The in-laws will be down to see us this year, so we need to have some of the English Christmas staples! The little gold thing in the front is a Caramel Chocolate swirl and that is for later for me!
After the British store, we went to get a case of wine for Thanksgiving, have to be ready for this holiday too. Then to get some soups for the in-laws as well, and pick up the puppy, who looks super cute.
Dinner tonight is going to be so fun foods while we watch the Pats game on tv (Nachos, jalapeno poppers and the like). I will try to post pics later.
Tomorrow is going to be a little crazy getting mom and dad all set in the new house after the movers get all the stuff from Grandma's in. I hope to post through out the day!
Happy Thanksgiving week!

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