Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Or at least it is in out neighborhood. I got up late for me, but still early and worked out with an abs workout before sitting down to watch some DVR shows of mine and relax a bit.
Then it was time to make some banana muffins (before the bananas went bad) and my Christmas puppy cookies! I like making the cookies and I get a lot more then buying them for all the little doggies in the family. Here are the muffins and the cookies going in the oven.
Here they are all decorated up! (Well some of them decorated anyways) They will be placed into boxes for all Ellie's little playmates!
Of course my little one got a sample! She loves icing like her mommy:)
Since it was near noon when the baking ended, hubby and I went straight to lunch. Chicken breast, hummus, and Swiss on rye. Quite tasty.
Then while the hubby was working on a Christmas present, I did some cleaning and decorating! I love Christmas and started with my favorites, out Department 56 houses. This snow stuff in the box of the newest house will not be added!
Here is the new house! I love these!!!
After he finished his project for the day, we put up the tree. No decorations yet, but the tree being up is a big step!
Then it was time for a soda, this little Elf was tired! Love the cherry coke zero!

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