Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lots of cooking

Last night's dinner was the quick S&J Weeknight Stir Fry. Basically we make the rice and then put all the veggies and some protein in the wok and cook away.

The mix last night was:

fresh carrots


frozen green onion

frozen green pepper

frozen corn

frozen peas

canned sprouts

about 6 ounces of beef

We love this healthy and filling dinner. Then it was a Total Body 20 min workout and relaxing watching the Yankees win Game 6! That covers our whole night!

Was not sure what today would hold food wise, so I went a little different with breakfast. I had a MorningStar sausage sandwich with some tea. This might sound weird but it was something I had with English Sausage in April when we went for Grandma's Birthday. It is actually really simple and quite filling. I used fake sausages in the micro for 1 1/2 mins, toasts some wheat bread, a little butter and you are done. Not my normal week day b-fast but it was a nice change.

So lunch not really healthy but it just hit the spot for me today. Soft pretzel, chips and dip. Enough said:)


  1. I didn't even know there was such a thing as canned sprouts!

  2. Me either, until I saw them in the Asian Foods sections. Not good for salads but great for cooking!