Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cleaning up

The in-laws left this morning to try and not get stuck in any traffic. We had a quick breakfast first, and the clean out of food and all begins. I had oatmeal raisin cookies and some early grey tea. I feel like I am getting a little sick, but I am off this week.
Then I cleaned up the Christmas presents and the food around the house, with a little help from one present. This is my Scooba, cleaning the floor in the front of the house!
Then I workout and did 30 minutes of Cardio intervals. I could have done more but my body is just so tired today.
Lunch was my sweet potato fries and some spicey mayo with a side of 4 Neiman Marcus cookies. Now I am going to sit down and relax for a bit, and maybe nap!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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