Monday, December 28, 2009

Errands and feeling back on track

I had a great workout and got all caught up with things around the house this morning. I always like that feeling. After a nice warm shower it was time for some soup. Leftover mushroom soup with whole wheat crackers, warmed me all the way up!

Here is a product review for the holiday shortbread cookies that Target sent me. The box is cute and the cookies are small.

They come in 3 shapes. A tree, wreath, and star. 24 cookies is only 140 calories. So they are not to bad for you.

And they are really good actually. I do not buy a lot of cookies, I like to make my own, but there where really great. Nice soft texture and a good flavor. Look for them on sale now or next year at the holidays. Here is my reusable bag, packed up for my errands around town. I ate them all before I got to my first stop!

I got to Buy Buy Baby this morning to get the shower gifts the hubby wants for his sister. We wanted to get our gifts before everyone else starts buying them. Here is one all wrapped up, the other has been ordered and should arrive in a week or so. I love that you can wrap the gifts there!

Then it was on to the post holiday sale at Target! I love Target and always go get my Christmas cards right after Christmas for the next year. I grab a cute roll of paper because it was huge and only $1.50!!! As well as some silver Christmas tree balls. My ones from college are not looking so great anymore. Funny this is that the red ones I bought at the same time are fine....weird.

Dinner tonight is going to be Mom's leftover lasagna from Christmas Day (I always like it better a few days later!!!) and a salad. Nothing big to do tonight.

Blog Awards

The beautiful blogger award was passed on to me so I have to list seven random things about myself. Then I must name seven lucky and beautiful ladies to do the same.
Thanks to Linds for putting me on her list, now here is mine.
Random things:
1) I went to college in Virginia to prove to myself that I could be away from my family.
2) I spent a summer in Spain to again prove to myself that I could be even further away (see a theme here).
3) I moved back to the area I grew up because the hubby has never actually lived close to his extended family.
4) My parents and my in-laws get along really well and have actually become friends.
5) I have many OCD like qualities and love to have a coupon for everything I buy, but think these are the reasons people love me!

Here are my awards:

And I am stopping at 5 cause that is my favorite number!

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