Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Repeat day

Breakfast this morning was a granola mixture again. Granola, soy milk, last 1/2 of banana, almonds, and coconut flakes, with a side of coffee. Again a nice filling start to the day.
So far it has not been as crazy a day today at work. But lunch was a repeat as well, tomato and feta salad, an apple, and Pumpkin Kisses! I really am going to be sad when I finish these. Here is a pic of one close up too!
I have a bunch of errands to run on the way home, but the hubby will be late because of his haircut with mom tonight, so that is always nice. I like getting stuff done on the way home. Post office to mail cards is the main need tonight.
Dinner will be chicken bakes and a salad tonight, will try to post a pic later. And I hope to get in a Wii Workout, maybe some tree decorating as well:) We will see what hubby feels like doing!

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