Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To do list done

My list is all done, and before lunch! And I got in a great Cardio workout with ploys this morning. I am so excited and so ready for the holidays now. I am starting to not feel 100% so I thought some Emergen-C would be a good start to lunch. Then since I am being lazy, lunch was another salad in a bag. Same mix as yesterday, spring mix, chicken, cranberries, and sun dried tomatoes. There will be some cookies/sweets with lunch I am not sure which ones yet. I will take a photo and post that later.

Now it is time to watch some Christmas kids movies. This is something I will definitely do when we have kids as well. Love these movies (Mickey's Christmas Carol, The Grinch, and Charlie Brown). Dinner tonight is chicken pot pies and hubby and I should be able to relax all night!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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