Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trying to stay healthy and eat light

Nice cup of tea at work this morning, because of the rain and I felt like I am getting sick, thought this might help.

Lunch was actually a pretty tastey Healthy Choice meal thing. I had 2 in the freezer and wanted to use them, so I thought why not. I wanted something light after yesterday's chocolate issue, so this was a good choice. It was beef and noodles, veggies, and baked apples. Actually filled me up a bit. The apple from yesterday will be my afternoon snack at some point.

Feels good to eat lighter today after 2 good workouts and clean out the junk.

Tonight might be a busy night if I decided to start working on some cookies. They take 60 mins in the oven (20 then 40 mins at a lower temp) so I am not sure if I want to do those tonight or not. With working out this morning, I will have some extra time, but the puppy has a 7:20 PM appt at the vet. Before anyone asks nothing is wrong, just a check up.

Dinner tonight is going to be homemade french onion soup in crocks with bread and cheese, so I might have time to bake, but we will see.....

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