Thursday, January 14, 2010

All day training

Last night, hubby was late getting home because he picked up our weekend visitor. Ellie loves having cousin Sofie come visit! We all them ebony and ivory when they are together.

I got a bunch done with hubby being late, ran to Target, put away some clothes, did a great step workout, and got the mail! Which included my B & N package. Three healthy eating books!! So excited to get started on all these.

Dinner was Mom's beef stew and crackers. It was really good too, nice and filling.

Of course it was followed by some gingerbread people and Dove peppermint bark (not pictured).

Breakfast was my last Greek yogurt, vanilla flavor, with some brown sugar granola and tea.

All mixed together.

I was good and just had some tea with a little milk at my meeting this morning.

Then it was lunch time. A little salad, and 2 pieces of spinach, tomato, and mushroom pizza.

Then dessert of fruit (pineapple and grapes) and a few cookies. The cookies are my downfall, have to stay away....


  1. I read naturally thin and it was so great! I love her approach to just eat what you want but in moderation. I ordered breaking free from emotional eating and it came about a month ago. I can't wait to start reading it. I'm hoping to get a chance this weekend.

  2. Thanks, I have heard great things about naturally thin, let me know what you think once you start emotional eating. I am so excited for both of them!!