Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Breakfast and Shopping

I got up early this morning to work out. (We are finally having out Office Holiday dinner, so I wanted to get a workout in). I did the Fit in your Jeans by Friday Step Workout with my new step that hubby got me for Christmas and boy was it a great workout. I really felt it in my legs afterwards.
Then it was a shower and a light breakfast.

Earl gray tea with some Honey Greek Yogurt and toasted almonds. Nice and kept me full for a good bit actually.

Then it was off to grab some items at the store that we need (and because I need them for my salad tonight, more on that in a bit.) I found this light switch remote thing that hubby needs for the new floating shelf he is building me.

Not sure about this thing but I got huge wife points for it, so I was happy too.

Then I found this scone mix on sale at Wegmans. It will be saved until next holiday time, but I could not pass up the Eggnog mix!

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