Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A day's worth of meals

So last night at our Christmas dinner I started out fine and then went down hill with things I really loved. But I did snap some pictures for you all!

Here is my salad:

Came out so good and I have leftover for lunches! I love when that happens.

Side note- The slivered almonds from target where great. I liked them better the sliced they had a nicer crunch for me.

We started with some cocktails, cranberry mojitos and hot dogs. I only had 5 little dogs and like 1 full mojito (filled the glass halfway twice).

Then we had dinner. I had a little turkey, stuffing, green beans, greens, salad, and a bunch of the sweet potato casserole. It was so good!! That is where the downfall started.

Then we had some pound cake and butter cookies with tea (no pictures). I know I ate too much, but I am just going to try and do better next time!

So on to breakfast, I had some Earl Gray tea and the rest of my Honey Multiseed pancakes. They are even good warmed up (with just a little butter)!

Lunch today is pretty simple.

Chicken breast sandwich with mustard and cucumber on whole wheat bread, with some Target Holiday shortbread cookies in my reusable bag!

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