Friday, January 15, 2010

Sandwich and more kisses!

Lunch for today was turkey with mustard on rye. Last of the turkey, not sure if I am going to be more yet or not, some more biscotti from the aunt and an apple which I have not eaten yet. Hopefully will tackle that soon.

I was making candy bags for some of my students at work. Have to love Valentine's Day Kisses and Dove promises. I had Raspberry and Caramel kisses and Caramel promises. I did not have any raspberry left but tried 1 of each caramel. Both where very good!

Hope you are having a good Friday! Any fun weekend plans? We have no big plans this weekend, just time to relax!! Can't wait:)


  1. I need to pick up some Valentine candy for work badly and I wish I had eaten a healthy lunch because now I have a food baby for the afternoon. :) XOXO

  2. Love Target for candy! And its Friday no need to eat healthy!