Saturday, January 30, 2010

What no Kickboxing?

I dropped the puppy off for a haircut then headed over to LA Fitness to give the Kickboxing class a try. Well I got there and the class was canceled. I was disappointed, but lucky I had grabbed a book when I left the house (not sure why, I think in case I chickened out on the class). So I took my book and went and did some of the stationary bike. Worked out a little longer then I thought I would to finish a chapter in the book and think it was worth it because my leg felt like they where about to fall off when I finished. Here is the screen when I finished:

I came home and got a shower, then did somethings around the house while puppy was away and hubby was a lunch for his football team. Lunch was some leftover chicken, spinach and goat cheese crumbles. So yummy, and Stacy's Parm and Garlic Pita Chips.

I went to pick up the puppy who looks so cute now, I will have to take a pic later, and grab some cards at Hallmark with a Rewards certificate. I always like to have cards around the house. Then it was time for tons of errands with the hubby. We hit up Lowes and Sears for some birthday gifts for him (great tool sales this weekend and coupons) even thought his b-day is in March.

While at the mall, I made a return and he got a watch battery before we did the food shopping thing at our three favorites store, Costco, Target and Wegmans. We need a fair amount of stuff plus since I have a crazy next 2 weeks we got stuff for the Super Bowl party and Valentine's Dinner. We a bunch of shopping and sampling before stopping at Chick-fil-a with our free sandwich coupons!

We added some fried because you just have to and called it a productive day. It is starting to snow now so we are going to watch some tv for the night, maybe have some friends over.....

Have a great night!!

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