Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting Ready....

In the process to get ready for baby making, I grab a few things we will need in the future. Mainly because I was in the Pharmacy section and they are covered under my Flex Account for work. I grabbed some Pregnancy Test, the thought of these excites me which I guess is a good thing. I remember when friends had to get them in college and freaked out. I got the 2 pack just in case:)

I also picked up some Tylenol, well generic brand, apparently there was a Tylenol recall, who knew! I knew that Tylenol was the only pain killer you can take when you are pregnant but just recently read that it is better to avoid Advil and those painkillers when trying to get pregnant as well. They can mess up ovulation in women. I don't take pain killers that often, but I like to be prepared at all times!!

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