Friday, February 19, 2010

Meetings and free food

This morning was going to be a busy one, I knew that before I headed into work. I had a breakfast meeting, but I made some coffee at home to take in with me. Starbucks from the Tassimo in my travel mug. Always a good call.
When I got to my morning meeting, they had these yummy muffins so of course I enjoyed one! And maybe another cup of coffee with half and half, but no sweetener, I am doing good with Lent (so far)!

There was another meeting for Lunch time (actually 2 that I ran between). For those I had a salad no dressing, and  pasta with vegetables. I ate all the veggies and left a bunch of the pasta in my container. There was also 2 of those AMAZING dark chocolate cookies that where enjoyed by me.
I got home and finished a few chores around the house and then did one of my favorite workouts. Always a good sweat. Hubby and I are going to have a nice relaxing night with a not so normal dinner! More later/tomorrow!

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