Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Jury Duty this week!

I found out yesterday afternoon that I am not called for Jury Duty this whole week! One week done and one to go! So on to the night. I stopped by a gym near our house to see what their prices where. Totally outrageous initiation fee. So for right now I am going with no way on that. I came home and hubby and I made dinner together. We He made awesome Buffalo Chicken wraps with the wings we had leftover from the Super Bowl Party last week. Nice and easy, chicken, blue cheese dip, and lettuce. Loved these! Thanks Hubby!

Then we watched the Olympics for awhile and had some dessert. Here is my made up Turtle Cheesecake. Mom’s cheesecake from the freezer heated up with caramel sauce and dark chocolate pieces. Yummy!

Breakfast was Banana Muffins and Tea. Love my 100 calorie muffin recipes. Let me know if you want the recipe!

It’s almost the weekend!

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