Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rain makes me lazy

The rain yesterday kept me from posting last night because the couch was more interesting then the computer! So last night hubby came home and we decided to put dinner in the oven and workout together. We did a great Biggest Loser Bootcamp workout on Exercise TV. I was sweating like crazy. Anything with weights really gets my heart pumping.

Then we had dinner. We tried these Cod Cakes from Acme because for a non-fish eater hubby loves English Cod Cakes. Anything to get extra seafood in the diet and cod is on the good list for seafood and eating well during pre-pregnancy! On the side was sweet potato oven fries that came out awesome and peas. It was a really good dinner.

Then I had the last of my peppermint kisses in some White Hot Peppermint Chocolate with tv and my book.

Breakfast this morning was muffins again. I am on a serious muffin kick. Today was 100 calorie zucchini muffins and coffee.

At work I still wanted something warm so I had some teas with French Vanilla creamer. Very nice for 30 calories.

Hope your Wednesday goes well and the snow stays away from us...I am so sick of snow lately!


  1. Rain makes everyone lazy. There's something about it that makes you want to sit on the couch all day long and not move.... but once I get past that, I go to and catch up on some workouts!!
    They have great free downloads and I love their store full of CHEAP DVDs and long downloads!!!!!

  2. I love exersice tv too! It is my go to workouts, I am not a runner like so many blogers out there, just can't get into it!

  3. So great all of you are taking advantage of everything ExerciseTV offers. Keep up the hard work!