Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow Planning

This next week or so is my most busy at work for the whole year, so I am just trying to make it through and the snow that is coming is really not helping me out at all!! So after a morning of snow planning I am finally blogging.

Hubby had to be out early this morning for a meeting which means I got a bunch done this morning. Still lots to do but hey I like to get off to a good start.

Breakfast was coffee and Greek yogurt with a little extra peach jam and 1/2 cup of regular Cheerios.
Bad pic. When I finally got to lunch it was a Taco-ish salad for me. I had the rest of our sloppy joe meat with lettuce, green peppers and a bit of Colby cheese. Chocolate pretzels finished off the meal.
Bunch to do tonight, but dinner is planned and lunches are already made! Almost the weekend!!

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