Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed in for the day

Since I had canceled my work events for today, I was not sure what we would wake up to weather wise. Well it was pretty bad when we got up. First thing Hubby and I did was workout together. We did a great Biggest Loser Last Chance workout and got the heart pumping!

Then we had breakfast, mine was biscotti and coffee that I got free (with a coupon) at Cosi yesterday.

After breakfast, I put some Dark Chocolate brownies into the oven, for the Super Bowl party tomorrow, then did my nails.

Today was a lot of DVR watching and relaxing with the puppy and the hubby!

Lunch was mushroom soup and flatbread that I made last weekend.
Afternoon snack included, white hot peppermint chocolate with some whipped cream...

And some mixed nuts around 4 because I was in need of some protein.

For dinner we got all crazy with the veggies and made a little lo mein! We did some egg, sprouts, carrots, pepper, mushrooms, leeks, onions, corn, and peas.

It was yummy and very healthy. Love a huge plate of veggies!

How was your Saturday/Snow Day?

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