Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday meals

After a busy day we went out to our favorite place for dinner, Iron Hill. Hubby got a seasonal sampler and I got a raspberry wheat 10 oz (went small on the size to eat more). Sorry the pics are dark.

Here is hubby and I.

Then it was appetizer time. We got the egg roll sampler and I had a bit of each. Love the salmon egg rolls! We also got the hummus plate, it was great, a new fav for us!

I got the salmon BLT burger with sweet potato fries. I only ate half but it was AWESOME!

We came home to relax with the in-laws and I had some M & M's before bed. 

Sunday breakfast was the last of the cake I made, it was so amazing I just kept craving it! Some coffee on the side and a taste of hubby's smoothie.

We went house looking with the in-laws and stopped to grab some French Vanilla latte. It was actually really good.

We did brunch with the SIL and her husband after looking at all the houses. I got the pancakes with strawberries and banana. The little sausages patties where actually the best part and hubby ate my potatoes.

We got home and I cleaned up the house and did a Fit in Your Jeans by Friday workout, before dinner which was the rest of my burger and fries from last night with some homemade aioli on the side.

Ended the night with some chocolate, just that kind of weekend in some ways.

Finally here are the flowers the MIL brought to me!

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