Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coming home to dinner is fun

Since Hubby was off yesterday I was able to come home to find dinner ready for me! He made chicken curry with couscous.

Here is the what hubby did:
"well I did a quick marinade of the chicken in olive oil, curry powder, cumin and a little paprika and then cooked that up.  Added mushrooms, onions, carrots and cooked those and then added mix veg and more curry powder with the flour and vegetable stock"

He does not really measure but trust me it was so good!

 After dinner I spent some time with Jillian Michales. Love that workout. Then Hubby and I put the closet that he added shelves to back together.

I love an organized closet!

Then it was couch time with the DVR, some Jello Mousse, and Peanut Butter M and M's that hubby shared with me! Loved the PB ones they are AMAZING and so addictive!!

Breakfast this morning was me trying to be good after my M and M's last night! Coffee with vanilla Chobani with Cheerios and cranberries. (and half a piece of bread that hubby did not want because his tummy was upset) Feel better love!
It's my THURSDAY!! Any fun holiday weekend plans?

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