Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dinner out and following my cravings

Last night we took Mom and Dad to Cosi for dinner. Coupons are amazing, we all ate for next to nothing it was great. I had the Signature Salad with no dressing, a piece of flatbread and a small Butternut Lobster Bisque. This dinner hit all my cravings!

Then we went to Coldstone to get Hubby's free dessert for his B-day. We split this Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream with white chips. Nice and yummy.

I also sampled the Oatmeal Cookie Batter. That is also really good.

When we got home I did a Hip Hop Dance workout before watching some TV.

Following the advice in the book
Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

I nixed my original breakfast and went with a bowl of Special K again this morning. Cinnamon pecan and Earl Gray make a great morning start.

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