Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's My Friday!

I love short work weeks. I am off for 5 full days with the Easter Holiday. You have to love working for a Catholic School! Well last night I finished up most of the cleaning around the house which makes me feel so much better. I did an easier cardio workout on Exercise TV last night. Sometimes you just need to take it easy.

Dinner was pretty simple, Costco Hamburgers, salad and oven sweet potato fries (sorry they where burnt Hubby).

Then it was DVR time on the couch!

Breakfast this morning was 100 Calorie Banana Muffins and a side of coffee

I needed a little something when I got to work so I pulled this Vanilla Coffee Single out and added some French Vanilla Creamer.

Twas nice and Vanillay!

Lunch was more spinach salad with salsa today, roasted almonds, and the last of my Starburst Jellies!

Have a bunch to do this afternoon will be back later with dinner:)

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