Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its my Friday!!!

I made it. It has been a crazy week but I made it. After my 2 events tonight I am done and ready for a weekend away with the hubby. That being said there might not be much posting this weekend as I am going to really try and enjoy my time away. Thanks Linds, I see you are doing the same!

So back to last night, by the time I got home and since I had a larger lunch, I just had my lunch for dinner.
Ants on a log (celery, PB, and raisins) with Archer Farm pita chips and the last 2 Cadbury Mini Eggs. It hit the stop so then I could go workout.

10 lb Slimdown Total Body was not bad, but then I got up early this morning with hubby (he has an early meeting) and did the Lower Body and Core. Boy are my legs feeling it today, but in a good way!

After my workout I had breakfast and got ready for work.

French Press, Yoplait Greek Yogurt and Cheerios. It was a nice breakfast but I prefer the Chobani.

Ran some errands before going to the office, and since I had to park near the Starbucks I grabbed a Venti Decaf Skinny Vanilla Latte. I am making the switch to decaf because all thought I don't actually have a huge thing for caffeine, I know it is bad for the Baby Making process (pre-pregnancy foods).  After this long week I just need the coffee and although I did not really need the calories, some times I just need a Starbucks! And hey it has calcium right..hehe.

Here is my lunch today:

Last of the Food Should Taste Good Chips, salad with balsamic dressing, almonds, and cranberries. And my Bucks!

What are your fun plans for the weekend? Hubby and I are headed to Boston to visit some college friends! Have a great one:)

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