Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Perfect Nightstand

What can I say, I have been keeping Hubby busy the last few months! In the process of getting Baby Girl’s room together I decided that I needed a table next to the glider. We could not find exactly what we wanted in the right color, so the amazing Hubby offered to build me one! (He is quite skilled at making things around the house.) I just wanted something simple to tie all the furniture together. So here is the nightstand (not yet finished that Hubby made for Baby Girl and I!)


Also on the nightstand is the cross stitch that I made for the nursery. (I found this years ago and had to buy it because it was so cute. I had been saving it for awhile to make). The frame is actually one I found in a box in the basement and it seemed too perfect so I had to use it. With Mickey ears in it, how could I not??

Love that Baby Girl’s room is really taking shape.

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