Friday, September 30, 2011

The arrival of Baby R!

Hello all! I have been a little busy the past few weeks so I thought I would fill you in on what has been happening at our place Smile Baby R finally decided to arrive at the beginning of September, as I suspected once we decide to schedule an induction, I went into labor on my own!

There is how it wen- I had a doctor’s appt on Wednesday morning, (8/31) and the doctor decided we would check with the hospital about when we could do the induction. On my way home (I decided to work from home once I hit my due date) they called and said the hospital said to come that night!!! After the shock wore off, I got home and got ready to go. The deal with an induction (in case you don’t know) is you call the hospital that night before you go to see if they have a bed for you. So at 6 PM we called and no bed, we had to call back at 10 PM. In the meantime, I realized I was having contractions! They started about 25 minutes apart. At 10 PM we called the hospital back and still no beds. This would continue until 6 PM on Thursday! Thursday morning since my contractions had moved to 15 mins apart Hubby and I started walking around the neighborhood to bring them on. I think we went on about 6 or so 45 min walks! (Good thing it was a nice day).

By the time the hospital had room my contractions had gone to 5 min apart, so one way or another we were headed in! Once we got to the hospital they decided my contractions had not gotten regular enough so they started the induction process. They also asked if we would be willing to have a midwife instead of a resident for the delivery, because I had such an uncomplicated pregnancy. I am pretty easy going so I said sure. ( I think this turned out for the best because the mid wife who delivered the baby was very calming and I think made the process easier for me)

Friday was pretty uneventful, we just waited for me to be dilated and for the contractions to get closer. I was doing pretty well until about 3 PM went I looked at Hubby and said I wanted the drugs. I was feeling the labor in my back as she was turning into position and it really was killing me.

*Side note – I was avoiding the epidural for 2 reasons:

1- I thought it slowed down labor (not true the fluids they push into you first actually slow the labor then that wears off)

2- I was afraid of the catheter to empty my bladder (you don’t even feel it, which is kind of strange).

I was so glad that I went with the epidural it made the process that much easier. After the epidural I feel asleep for a bit then woke up for them to break my water. Once they did that things started to move really quickly. Close to midnight the midwife told me I was 10 cm and baby was in the +2 position, which means she was on her way out! They told me once you get to 10 they normally sit you up and wait an hour for the baby to get lower, but we would not wait for that and we would start pushing soon. I was so excited to hear that!

Once the midwife got all set up we started pushing, and just about an hour in to pushing, the nurse got all set up and I knew my baby girl was on the way to me. A few good pushs and at 2:25 AM on September 3rd, we got to meet our little girl!

Hubby and I could not have been happier. Although it was a long process the labor was actually not that bad at all. I am so happy that things went well and that all 3 of us made it through the labor in great condition.

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