Friday, May 4, 2012

Tasty Summer Barbeque Treats

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With summer just around the corner, even those who don’t typically cook are becoming anxious to roll out the grill and prepare for another season of tasty barbeque treats. There is a wide variety of goodies that can be prepared in the back yard, and every year, more new ideas emerge for your outdoor taste buds.

The All Time Classics
No grilling season can really get started until you’ve brought out the classics at least once. The traditional all beef patty – cooked to perfection over charcoal – simply can’t be beat. Add a bit of grilled onions and peppers under the bun, and you’ve got yourself one great burger!
Taking a close second is good old barbeque chicken. Regardless of whether you prefer legs or wings, the tender bites of poultry smothered in your favorite sweet or spicy sauce will definitely help to ring in the summer season.
Of course, you can’t leave out barbeque ribs. Here you can place a slab of baby backs on a piece of aluminum foil – each side sprinkled generously with a dry rub – and you’ll hardly be able to wait until they’re cooked. Some may say they’re messy, but with just the right amount of sauce – and plenty of napkins – you should be ready to roll.

Don’t Forget the Fish
Although it may sound odd to some, fish on the barbeque can be absolutely amazing. In fact, fish – more than most other types of foods – can really benefit from the hot and fast cooking atmosphere of the grill. The secret here is to simply let the grill do most of the work.
One caution, though, is that you will need to make sure that the fish doesn’t stick to the grill. So, regardless of whether you brush the fish with some oil or you oil up the grill, in any case, be sure that you are working with a non-stick surface.
Once it’s ready, though, the meat from the fish should flake easily with a fork. You might also decide to soak the fish in a pre-cooking marinade. Either way, this meal only takes a few minutes to prepare and fully cook – and even less time to eat!

For the Vegetarians in the Group
Even if you prefer to stay away from burgers and steak, you can still take full advantage of all that a back yard grill has to offer. Skewered grilled vegetables taste great when cooked on a grill – especially asparagus, yellow peppers, and mushrooms. You can even marinade your veggies in an olive oil, salt, and lemon juice sauce to give the items a nice kick.

Topping It Off With Dessert
No dessert is more American than apple pie, and it just doesn’t get any better than a grilled apple with sweet coating to top off your outdoor meal. For this great treat, simply core the apple and fill it with a spoonful of brown sugar. Then, grill the apple covered for between 10 and 15 minutes. You and your back yard guests may be tempted to keep the grill lit all year long after tasting this dish!
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