Friday, December 14, 2012

Pilates Core Align

Months ago ( I am not really sure when, I bought a Living Social deal for 5 Pilates classes at Core Vitality. I was going to try to take a bunch of different classes and started with a mat class back in October. I love pilates mat classes and really enjoyed that class. Then I found a later class at night (perfect for this working mommy) for Core Align . It looked fun and different and with the problems I had been having with my sciatic I thought this might be a great class to take.
This picture from the website is the machine that you use for the class. It is like a NordicTrack type base and a ladder that you use to balance. Although the Core Align workout might not be a sweaty one, boy do my muscles feel these moves.  I have become obsessed with these classes and have used the rest of deal on them. I would love to take more classes they are just a little out of the price range right now.

Has anyone else tried Core Align? Where do you go? What other classes do you like?

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