Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wreath of Balls

Has anyone else become obsessed with the Christmas Ball wreaths on Pinterest? Well I have been and this year for the first time I was not going to be able to purchase my Christmas wreath from my co-worker (downside of switching jobs this summer). So I was planning on buying a wreath when I saw all the  Christmas Ball wreaths. Off to Target we went and I got Christmas ball (on sale) (non-breakable plastic ones - which I totally recommend for this project). This weekend I collected all my supplies together and started working:

I also had some craft glue to attach the tops to some of the balls that came loose. Then I just made a circle with my hanger and started putting the balls onto the hanger. Finally I checked in my craft box for some ribbon and added that to the top of my wreath. (Side note don't you love when you finally have a use for something you just HAD to save?)

Here is my final product:
I am quite happy with it since it really just came together on its own.

What is your Pinterest holiday project of the moment?

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