Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Working out as a family

Talk about being crazy busy lately, I feel like we have been nonstop and it is not even summer yet! After a very relaxing vacation for Hubby and I, we decided that we need to both get more serious about working out. We decided we were going to buy an elliptical trainer for the house since a gym membership would not really work with our schedules. Lucky for us, my aunt was trying to get rid of her elliptical at the same time!

 This is not our exact one, but similar. We have only had it a few days but so far so good. The only problem I had was that I could not get my magazine or book to sit on the controls (I love to read when I "run"). Well after much "Googling" (had to change my search from how to read on an elliptical to how to read on a treadmill) I found this:

It has been ordered from Amazon (I love them and there quick shipping) and now I will just wait to use it and try to "run" without reading :(

Once the weather gets nice (I say this as a snow storm is headed our way) Hubby and I would love to start running again outside with Little Miss, however we want a jogging stroller that we can both use. Anyone have recommendations for a jogger that the handle bar adjusts? (I am thinking I might ask for one for my birthday..... )

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