Thursday, May 2, 2013

purAbsorb Review

I love being part of the Naturally Savvy Blogging program, because they have opened my eyes to a world of new products. Most recently I was contacted to try purAbsorb Iron supplements. I am normally not big into supplements, but when I was pregnant with Little Miss I did have an issue with low levels of iron. Because of that I thought this might be good to try.

They supplement comes in individual packets that can be added to juice or water. Here is some information from the purAbsorb site:

The iron in pur-Absorb is highly absorbable

It is not actually how much iron we consume that matters, it is the amount of iron that our body is able to absorb. Since pur-Absorb Iron has a clinically proven high absorption rate, the body can get the absorbed iron that it needs from a lower dose. In women with low iron levels, pur-Absorb has a clinically proven high absorption rate of over 40%[1].  An absorption rate that is much higher than the average iron absorption of 10-15% from food sources and 18% from conventional iron supplements.[2-9]

Reduced scope of side-effects: Less is more

When consuming a lower dose of iron like pur-Absorb, side effects often associated with conventional iron supplements such as constipation, stomach irritation or headaches become far less likely. Each highly absorbable packet of purAbsorb will fulfill the body’s daily absorbed iron needs[1] without having to excrete too much iron - often the cause of the unpleasant side-effects experienced with iron supplementation.

pur-Absorb is 100% natural

pur-Absorb Iron is a naturally occurring iron-rich spring water which is collected and packed straight from the source in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales, United Kingdom. We collect it, we filter it for bacteria and we fill it into our convenient, easy-to-open packets. At no stage do we add anything to the water or convert the water’s natural composition. That means with pur-Absorb, you don’t have to worry about other ingredients causing adverse reactions or complications.
Now for my thoughts on purAbsorb, I really liked that it is natural and a smaller dose of iron. The packaging is great and easy to take with me if needed. As for the taste, the first time I took it with water and it had a little after taste, not bad by any means, just a little gross to me. That being said with juice that was not a problem. Overall I like the product and plan to keep it on hand in hopes of needing it in the future:)

**No compensation was received for this review. The product was sent to me to try, but all thoughts are my own. 

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