Monday, June 24, 2013

Laundry Socks Bag

A recent laundry issue that occurred at our house, ( ok so I cause the issue, but that is not important-anymore :) made me realize that maybe I need to be more careful about little socks in my washer. I still have 3 that do not have friends. So a little Pinterest  inspiration and I was off on a project. I gathered my supplies:

Mesh Laundry bag
Velcro squares
Extra Fabric from little Miss's curtains

First I lined up the fabric on the top of the bag. I then stitched the two ends of fabric to themselves and the front of the bag (on the machine). I folded the cut edges under and realized the back would need to connect to the front or it might come off the bag. Then I hand sewed the Velcro squares on the back as to just go through one piece of fabric. (That was the worst part, I find it so hard to push the needle through the Velcro.) Once it was finished I put the other side of the Velcro on the bag (sticky side out) and then put it on the side of Little Miss's hamper!

Socks added by Little Miss!

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