Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recent Projects

So things have been a little busy in our house as we gear up for arrival of Baby Girl # 2 in about 3 weeks (how did that happen!) That being said I have been working on a number of things for my girls around the house lately. First up was some belts for Little Miss!

Once we potty trained her in November we have had a problem with her pants staying up. Since she is still in 18-24 months pants and without a diaper the pants are not staying up. So out came the sewing machine and I made some ribbon belts like I made for myself years ago.

These are so simple, 2 pieces of ribbon and a pair of D rings at the end. Sew up all four sides and make a loop for the rings and you are done. Best part about these she can get them on and off herself as well.

Since I had some ribbon left from this project, I decided to make a Pinterest project I had on my list for the new baby.

I found this link about making a Crinkle Blanket for babies and just had to try one myself. This was also super easy and was made from all scraps of materials I had laying around. Good use of extra materials!

Finally, I have this obsession with doing cross stitches when I am pregnant. I did one for Baby Girl with her name on it this pregnancy (not showing it as the name is still a secret), but Little Miss saw me doing it and wanted one as well. Here is her's:

Little Miss has a Pooh Bear in her room with her name and the New Baby has a Tigger, so I told Little Miss this is her and her sister and she loves it! Just need to get a fun frame for it and we are all set to go.

So what projects have you been working on?

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