Monday, March 16, 2015

Behavior Chart

Sometimes I swear I have the most type A personality 3 year old in the world. (And I have no idea where she gets it;) So a few weeks ago at dinner, she tells us she needs a chart like Ms. Lucy (her teacher at daycare) has. I knew she meant the behavior chart at the front of the classroom. We asked her why she wanted one and her 3 year old self said "Because." What the heck I thought why not and to Pinterest I went.

I pinned a few that I liked and asked Miss E which was her favorite (she picked my favorite too!) because the colors matched her one at school.

So that night Hubby and I played around with Publisher and came up with our own chart. Here is the chart:

If you would like to view/steal it please click here. We used legal size paper and  to finish it off we laminated the chart (my MIL has a laminator, but you can do the same at Staples) and added 2'' wood letters (Jo Ann's of course) with magnet on the back to place the girls on the chart.  Miss E loves having her chart at home and makes sure that each day her and her sister start back at green.

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