Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Frugal Holiday Ideas

So we all like to do fun things for the holidays, but also do not love how expensive they can get. In our house we like to look for fun and inexpensive ideas for the holidays. Here are are few of our favorite activities this time of year.

Seeing the lights at the farm

This is a favorite for us that started when my oldest was only a few months old. The best part is everyone has a farm or place that gets all decorated for the holidays that you can enjoy. If you do not have any places like this, you can always visit the local mall they are always decorated for the holidays.

Going to the city to see the decoration
We also like to take the girls into the city to see all the decorations and festivities. We live close to Philadelphia so it is an easy (and cheap- kids are free) train ride in and then we can walk all over the place and see the decorations for free. Here is my oldest at the light show at Macy's in Center City

Baking Holiday Cookies
A super fun activity for us (and a nice way to give gifts) is with holiday baking. We get all the family together and have a large baking party for Christmas each year. The girls love the time with cousins and the snacks!

Walking the neighborhood to see light
My last fun and frugal holiday activity is walking around our neighborhood to see all the lights. It is always fun to go for a drive or walk and see how people decorate. This is the easiest time of year to get my girls to walk the dog all the way around our neighborhood.

Feel free to share any ideas you have for inexpensive holiday fun!

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