Monday, May 9, 2016

Let's Talk Allowance

So when did you start giving your kids an allowance? This came up at our house recently as Miss E is all about these Shopkins things. In an effort to allow her to buy some and learn something, I thought we would start working on getting an allowance. I was home with her one Friday after she was getting over the stomach bug and was cleaning when she asked if she could help. I let her help mop the hardwood floors and then gave her an allowance of $1 for helping.

She then asked how many dollars she needed for Shopkins, I told her about $10 and she went searching all her little purses to come up with $10 and then asked to go to the store. I am thinking that she at least learned the lesson, but I am wondering how does allowance work in your house?

Here is her allowance

Her first set of Shopkins she bought!

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