Thursday, October 1, 2009

Homemade gifts

I have always liked giving food as gift, especially Christmas cookies and the last few years framed cross stitches have been on the giving list as well. (Even though some of those arrived late). This year I think we are taking that to a new level. The hubby is going to build a kid's step stool for his parents and I am going to paint it. Good gift idea we think for the soon to be grandparents. This being said I must add that the hubby is really good at building things. We have a hand built bar in the house, as well as a wine rack, pub table, tv stand, headboard, and other things. People even pay him to build stuff for them. So needless to say he is good at it and loves it.

If this stool works I am sure we will build more of them and who knows what other gift ideas we could come up with. I am thinking of stuff for my parents in the new house. Who knows how far this could go, but the good part is that we get some great gifts and he gets projects to do, so there is not real downside to this one. Can't beat that!

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