Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mising for a few days

First I have not posted anything for a few days because I had some outpatient surgery last Friday. So let's start with how busy work was last week. I am sure most of the busyness of the week was due to be knowing I would be out for 2 days. But the good part was that I did get everything done and felt relaxed about not being in the office. Although not so relaxed about having surgery, go figure.

That said I should say I had hospitals with a passion and try to avoid them at all costs. So you might wonder then why would I choose to have surgery, well it is something my doctor has said would make sense to get all though not needed since I was 16. And I guess after having back surgery back in 2001 the idea of it was not as scary to me. My mom actually said the thought of the Lasik eye surgery I had in 2005 scared her more then this. When you put it that way, I did agree. Some minor reconstructive surgery is not as bad as a laser in my eye. So in to surgery I went. I can say I had the most amazing cosmetic surgeon. He, his staff, and the hospital staff where all amazing. I felt like they really took great care of me. I even remember him coming to see me in post op before going to talk to the hubby.

Believe it or not I have taken no pain meds after the surgery and came back to work Tuesday. I really got through it all amazingly well. I have surprised the family, hubby, and the girls at work, but really I feel great. Have to give huge props to the hubby though. He was great all weekend and really took care of me. He should be great once we are pregnant in the future.

Although he could be overkill like the brother-in-law has been lately. My sister-in-law is pregnant with the first baby and grandchild in the family! So glad it is them and not us, but she says her husband is being very protective to the point it is driving her nuts. I can imagine that will be us in the future, but hopefully he will be as good as he has been with this surgery!!

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