Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Post op for me

My biggest fear with the surgery now is that I will gain weight in this post op stage where I have to be careful what I do. That being said I knew that going in so had made a little plan. I have cut back a little on how much I eat. Cutting out an extra snack mainly. Which seems to be working well so far. I have not been hungry and that is a good thing. We will try to keep that up as we clean out the food supplies in the house!!

As for exercise, I have been talking long walks with the puppy for now. That is helping at least the mental part of exercise, so that is a plus. I am going to give walking another day or so(weather depending) then am going to try some yoga to keep me motivated. I think the problem with me is that I get bored so easily. Just hope that all this planning pays off in the next few weeks and I can go the 4 weeks and not gain any weight:)

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