Monday, November 2, 2009

2 meals at work today...

Not my actually lunch, but the dinner is mine. For lunch we had a meeting so I had some of the Granny Smith apple salad, similar to this pictures, a veggie sandwich with only half the bread, and a cookie. Was quite good, the meeting, quite boring.

For dinner/snacking I am having some veggies I took from the lunch and my homemade BLT sandwich on wheat bread. I love a good fake BLT! The candy corn of which I did not eat all of it, the rest will sit on my desk for students, was a snack during the afternoon. I have decided I am a bigger fan of Indian Corn then candy corn. Maybe it is that I think the bottom is chocolately???

As for my workout, it occured again early today with a Fit in Your Jeans by Friday Step Workout. Then it was my Monday morning weigh in. I have found that keeping a check on it, makes it easier to keep off weight gain and allows me to stressless about it. I do not like to do it everyday, but think once a week is a good check in.

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