Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend recap and a new week!

Lunch was interesting on Sunday. Mainly because we were at Mom and Dad's new house which they have not moved into yet. So we ran out to Nathan's to get some food. I had cheese fries (LOVE THEM) and a couple bits of a chicken tender.

Since the hubby worked so hard, I let him pick dinner. Since we stopped by Target to pick up a new Halloween costume for the puppy, we grabbed some snacky foods. I had the spinach and artichoke quiches out of the Archer Farm pack (and 2 cheese ones). Believe it or not these little babies are not that bad. Only about 250 calories in all 5 of the spinach ones. I was happily surprised. And 3 jalapeno poppers cause those are fun!

Later it was followed by the Arby's coffee shake that was in the freezer. Good way to end a long day!

This morning I tried the breakfast cookie thing Aunt Matt made for Mom. It was interesting. Not sure how I felt about it. But at 10:30 this morning it's 230 calories was not holding me on came the green tea!

Lunch soon off to a meeting where it will be served!

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