Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting back on track

With the holidays coming up, and after this weekend I want to get on track this week and keep an eye on my eating. Although even after this weekend at my Monday weight check I was only up 1 lb. Which is not bad at all.

So on to breakfast today, which was more of my aunts Breakfast cookies. So yummy. Super long recipe that she gave me this weekend with some more to "try." Might add them to my next baking. Side of coffee and good to go!

Lunch today was another serving of the carrot-chickpea salad from Friday, some Popchips (only like 200 calories in this whole serving) and some ginger snap cookies.

Had some fiber water this afternoon as a snack. Looks like tonight will be starting to clean the house, baking cookies for work, and most likely a 20 min ab workout for me. Hopefully more later!

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