Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Recap

Well to say Sunday got away from me is an understatement. Morning started off fine, with some more Wii workout then to moving around the computers and finishing the puppy's Christmas present that was started on Saturday evening. Hubby and I made a quiche for breakfast, with eggs, feta, onion, and bacon. Quite yummy with my coffee.

Then we got a call from Dad about a death in the family and the rest of the day was gone. Before heading to Mom and Dad's to help with planning and all that stuff. We had some soup and crackers.

After a run to order food for things next week, we all got sandwiches from the store sub shop and went our seperate ways. Hubby and I shared a meatball sub with cheese on wheat (the bigger one for me) and a buffalo style chicken sub on white. Both where good and the bread AMAZING.

After the weekend I have had and not getting as much done as I wanted, I decided a bowl (which turned into 2) of ice cream was needed. The bowl is small so I did not feel too bad about the second bowl...

and that was my sunday.....

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