Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back to normal

Breakfast this morning was banana muffins and some Early Grey tea. It was a nice warm way to start the day. I had a coffee at work, when I had to make some for the building.

Lunch will be from the other day, since I never got to eat it then. So there will be some chocolate back in the menu today. I did good yesterday, but I am just going to allow myself the one sweet today and call it a good day.

I have a meeting this afternoon, which I am planning on taking another cup of tea to (maybe with a little candy cane in it). It is going to be a long meeting, I will need it.

Dinner tonight is going to be chili with chips. Hubby is "making" (taking it out of the freezer and reheating) it when he gets home from this training session this afternoon. Then since all the presents are finished (way to go Hubby it looks awesome), hopefully some wrapping will take place tonight or tomorrow. We have to get some wrapping paper for birthday gifts as well. Those silly January birthdays. We are hitting up the stores tonight to get the last food items for next week, before the "It might snow" shoppers get out tomorrow, then we are all ready.

Can't wait to go celebrate Christmas this weekend with my sister-in-law and her husband! Happy Holidays:)

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