Friday, December 18, 2009

Snack and dinner....and some blueberries

So I had a pieces (or 3) of dark chocolate after a really boring meeting. I will just go sweetless the rest of the night!

Dinner was changed because hubby could not find chili in the freezer. Apparently, there was none...oops. So we had some mushroom soup and crackers. This soup is so filling, I did not eat the whole bowl!

After dinner, hubby and I did the last of our grocery shopping for next week and are ready to start the Christmas fun tomorrow! After shopping I did the last of my Wii Active 30 day Challenge, finished laundry and went to bed.

This morning I had a blueberry oat scone and some Earl Gray Tea.

We have out Department Christmas lunch today (I have to go set up for it in a few minutes). So lunch today could be interesting. I am trying to leave work early today to finish some errands on the way home and gas up the car to go visit the sister-in-law tomorrow. We are taking my car because of the weather forecast and I want it to be full just in case.... That is my day, hope to post later!

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